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Thursday, 22 December 2011

thanks to Allah :)

Assalamualaikum :)
Thanks to Allah..PMR result had already out !
alhamdulillah i got straight A's :)
i actually feel like in a dream.. *wink *wink :DD
congratulations to all PMR candidates 2011 for the result 
esp tenth gen vigilant aka TGV..
u guys are the best..
155 students (including me) got straight A's..6 person who did not get straight A's
to those who did not get straight A's..don't be sad..we all the others TGVians always love n support u guys !
to all the teachers, thank you so much..
u guys had taught us with buckets of patient :)
LOVE you teachers..
we loved to see ur cheerful faces yesterday !

btw, to my friends
nabilah hamzah, hanum herdiliya, najwa fatini, fazira, aina yasmin, zul, pavitra, botak, awatif, farah dayana, izni, and others <3

to my cousin, omar qayyum 
TAHNIAH 9A's.. :)

lots of love,
aida syahidah :)

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  1. Sedihnya tak dapat join semalam :( But whatever it is, I'm so proud of us! And congratulations aidaaaaaaaaaaa :D