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Friday, 16 December 2011

choose one !

Assalamualaikum :)
hihi..hye !
that picture shows about TRANSFORMATION :)
from one who do not wear hijab to the one who looks beautiful by wearing hijab !
but act..that's not the topic :)
my topic is CHOOSE ONE..
which category are u in?

okieyh :)
if u are in the first category, which is a bad muslim..
then, what are u waitng for..
lets change ! how bad u're, Allah will always accept ur taubat :)

now, if u are in the second category, which is a good muslim..
keep it up..!
upgrade urself to become closer to ALLAH <3
remember all the golds come from Allah swt.. :)

lasty, if u are in the third category, which is the best muslim,
wow ! u're great !
but remember stay remains in this category.. !
and don't forget to invite others to join u.. :)

to all the muslim ! 
lets continue the journey of islam :)


  1. Transformasi itu sebenarnye hijrah..Dan hijrah bukan dari outfit smate2...
    So, mule kan lah dari qolbu :)

  2. salaam alaikum. could i use the first image on this page on my website please? i really like the hijab stick figure.