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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

p/s: Belangkas...

Assalamualaikum :)
today post is about my BELANGKAS,
why belangkas ?
that's the reason why it is belangkas :)

Che Azni Nazira
cute, funny, hot :)
we met during Olahraga Kebangsaan Sbp 2012 at her school, SSP
I don't know why, I feel very comfortable to giggle, talk, share stories and do so many things with her even though we just know each other at that time.
I remember when my school-team had to go back earlier that night, and a friend of us told that you cried :)
awww, so sweet meh,
okay, back to the point  :))
the reason why I post this is because..
haha, sorry late wish because I've been thinking all day how to say it :) hehe
sorry simple cause I've no idea actually
you're one of my best friend and I LOVE you friend!
may Allah bless you and may we meet again :) 

lots of love,
aidasyahidah :)