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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

islam :)

hye dear readers..
look at the picture above! 
I call myself a Muslim, but do I act like one?
this question had been wondering me..
what does it mean actually..
now I know the answer..
actually i'm shy to say but i really want to share it with u guys..
3 years past..when i was in a primary school..
i know nothing about islam..
how worst i'm.. :(
i only know that islam ask us to pray
pray ! that's the only thing that i know about islam..
even though i pray, i actually don't even know about every single word i say.. :(
i also don't know about hijab..
i only  went to mengaji class and read Quran then go!  
how bad i'm that time..
when time passed..
now :)
i enter high school
i'm very happy as Allah gives me a chance to know about Islam
i feel like my life is full of colours..
i know how to perform the prayers properly
i know how to wear hijab..and why..
i know how to read the quran..
and the most important thing is
i know that my heart is always with Allah :)
the only one who will always help me 
thank you Allah..

lots of love,
aida syahidah :)

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